Rethinking Revelation Part 2: Discerning the Signs

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In this short video, Greg Boyd shares his frustration with the obsession of discerning “signs” in world events and using them to predict where in the book of Revelation we currently are.  As an alternative, he points us towards putting all of trust in God and focusing on expressing His love in the present situations in our lives.

The danger of getting too caught up in figuring out signs is that everything can become a sign of something.  One can get trapped trying to figure out what God is saying if someone cuts them off in traffic, if you can’t sleep at night, if you find a dollar on the ground, and on and on.  You can end up living your life in fear of missing some sign from God or failing to properly interpret it.

I believe that in this present day, God speaks to us internally through the Spirit of His Son dwelling in us.  Rather than learn to discern outward signs, one may be better served to learn to listen to the Spirit’s internal leading, which can then be confirmed through Scripture.

Ultimately, as Dr. Boyd says, let us put our trust in Christ alone.

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One thought on “Rethinking Revelation Part 2: Discerning the Signs

  1. Learning to listen to gods spirit being that is in union with our spirit being..that is what it’s all about..thanks for the video..I have always wanted to see Boyd in person and this video gave me my first experience.

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