Rich Resources That You Shouldn’t Miss

A few things I’ve read on the web that you may also find helpful…

What happens when all people talk about is “love” without anchoring that love in the Person of Jesus Christ?
He Himself – The Dissolution of Christ by Milt Rodriguez

Frank Viola gives a really beautiful illustration of Romans 7 and 8 in a discussion of Law vs. Grace:
The Christian’s Relationship to the Law by Frank Viola

Felicity Dale shares five vows for spiritual power from AW Tozer.  These are very powerful and I have dealt with each of these five areas, but I had not thought of them as vows.
Five Vows by Felicity Dale
(Read the short book by Tozer she refers to online here, or get the paperback from for $1.99.  It’s only a few pages long.)

Derwin Gray gives a heartfelt reminder to focus our attention on Jesus Christ and not on ourselves.  I’ve found in my experience that this can completely change a person’s attitude.
Are You A Spiritual Narcissist? by Derwin Gray


Do you have any resources to pass on?  Add them in the comments…

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2 thoughts on “Rich Resources That You Shouldn’t Miss

  1. I am currently reading a book by Gregory A Boyd called …Seeing Is Believing…it’s a book written on how to experience our Christian life on the terms of the truth of what the bible tells us about our relationship with this living Christ using our imaginations inspired by Gods spirit to actually see his reality..very challenging.

    • Thanks, Kenneth. I really like Greg Boyd (though I don’t subscribe to open theism). I have a book of his on my nightstand that I haven’t gotten to read yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

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