Renewing Christmas Music Part 3: Folk Angel

Continuing the Christmas music theme…

A few years ago I stumbled upon a few Christmas hymns performed by a quartet called Folk Angel.  Obviously, the songs had a folk-style sound, which I love.  This group only makes Christmas music, so I always look forward to listening to their songs this time of year.  The next year, they released a few more Christmas songs, and they have released full length albums the last two years, incorporating a variety of styles.

This video, God With Us, is probably my favorite song that they do, although they are all great.

And some more…


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One thought on “Renewing Christmas Music Part 3: Folk Angel

  1. Totally agree! I get so excited about their album release each year. Great music! You didn’t link to it so I had to throw it out there… Their best might be one of their early ones: come thou long expected Jesus

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