Podcast Review: Uncaged By Mary DeMuth

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂podcast review

And I want to share a podcast review with you that I hope you will find helpful.

(If you feel like you don’t have time to listen to podcasts or don’t know how to set them up, I discuss that here.)

Mary DeMuth has recently started a podcast called Uncaged.  It’s all about living in the freedom of Christ and letting go of all the things that hold us down, tie us up, and generally keep us from living abundantly in the Lord’s life.

You can visit Mary’s site and find lots of resources: books, articles, and podcasts.

I haven’t had time to read a lot of the writings there, but I have been listening to and enjoying her podcast.

What I’ve enjoyed about Mary’s podcast is her humble, down to earth, conversational delivery that really draws me in, her practical wisdom, and her focus on Christ.  Mary shares openly about her struggles and life and encourages us to live free in Christ.  Mary really does a good job in my opinion of making the monologue feel informal and conversational.

I’ve listened to episode 10, 5 Truths to Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted, a couple of times now.

The five points in this episode are:

One. Obstacles are friends and keep us dependent on Jesus.

Two. Comparison kills your joy.

Three. There are seasons in life and that’s okay.

Four. Races are won weeks before in the small choices we make over time.

Five. Sabbath as a Lifestyle will supercharge your life.

(Just so everyone knows, I’m not getting paid a penny to share this.  I’ve simply enjoyed it and thought I would pass it on.  I’ve never met Mary DeMuth and was not asked in any way to promote her.)

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