Monday Meditations 005: This Is Who You Are

chosen living stonesA merry Monday to you!

Here’s a quote that gets down to the foundation of who we are in reality.

Let this quote sink into your spirit today and hopefully stick with you throughout the week and beyond.

Ephesians 1:4 teslls us that we were chosen (marked-off) in Christ before the foundation of the world.  Before the foundation of this world was even laid, there was another foundation.  This was the foundation of the relationship of the Truine God.  There was Christ, living and enjoying His Father through the Holy Spirit.  But what happened during the fellowship of this divine Community?  One of the things that happened was the choosing of the pieces of the rock: the living stones.

Paul tells us in Ephesians that God (the Father) chose (or “marked-0ff” in the Greek) something inside of Christ.  Please keep in mind that this “marking off” happened before creation, before there was anthing except God.  The Father selected something inside of His Son.  He chose YOU in Christ before creation.  He marked off a portion of Christ and placed YOUR name upon it.  These are His chosen ones.  These are the pieces of the Rock.  These are the living stones that Peter talks about because he had received the revelation from the Father.  You came from out of Him.  You came from the Rock.  He uses these “pieces” to build His house.

Another picture of this building is found in Genesis with the creation of Adam and the buidling of Eve.  Notice with me that God created Adam, but He built Eve.  Eve came into being by God pulling something out of Adam.  He “marked-off” a piece of Adam (the rib), and used that portion of Adam to build Eve.  This is the Father choosing portions of His Son with which to build His House, the church.  This church is a person (Eve), but this church is also a house (living stones).

Do you see where you came from?  Can you see who you are?

You are a special portion of His Son specifically selected to have a unique destiny.  You have been marked-off by the Father to express Him in a special way.  You are a living stone, a piece of the rock, and were chosen to be built up into a spiritual temple to express the glory of the living God.

This is who you are.

~ Milt Rodriguez in The Community Life of God

I hope that through this you can see or are reminded of how loved, cherished, and important you are to God.

He loves you so deeply that He gave you a portion of His own Son!

He chose you.

Follow the LIFE!


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