Monday Meditations 004: Obtaining Victory

victory no condemnationThis Monday, I’m sharing an encouraging statement with you:

Because of that work of His [Jesus] on the cross, ther eis no need for me to go around accused by Satan and feeling depressed.  There is no need to listen for a moment to his whisper that there is no hope, that I might just as well indulge further in this or that sin, that I shall never get free, that he is stronger than I and so on.  It is all a lie; I can be as free of guilt as Jesus is.  The forces that He overcame were my foes.

~ Roy Hession in Not I, But Christ

For our part we need not struggle to occupy ground that is already ours.  In Christ we are conquerors – nay, “more than conquerors” (Romans 8:37).  In him, therefore we stand.  Thus today we do not fight for victory; we fight from victory.  We do not fight in order to win but because in Christ we have already won.  Overcomers are those who rest in the victory already given to them by their God.

~ Watchman Nee in Sit, Walk, Stand

It is finished.


Remember that Christ has already won the battle over death, and we rest in His victory as we partake of His life.  You no longer stand condemned; you are in the Beloved of God.

Question for discussion:

~ What does it look like to rest in victory?

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2 thoughts on “Monday Meditations 004: Obtaining Victory

  1. I think it encompasses living in that Shalom. Full peace of Christ. Peace of mind, body, and Spirit. Resting in and being at peace knowing that He is fighting our battle for us. — Good reminder. Thanks for sharing these.

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