Introducing a New Blogger!

Have you ever wondered what was happening before creation?


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I’d like to introduce you to a sister in Christ, Joelle, who began a new blogging adventure this week and begins to peel back the layers of this question in her first post.  Her blog will be focused on the infinite ways that Christ reveals and expresses himself through creation.  Joelle is an ecologist, and now also a writer, so this is right up her alley.

I hope you’ll swing over there, check it out, and sign up to get her new posts!

Joelle’s Blog: Even The Rocks Will Cry Out

Here’s an excerpt from Joelle’s About This Blog page:

As we look around at the endless tapestry of creation, we see that the more we look, the more we find that all of it speaks of our Creator, Jesus Christ. The same is true when we read our story with Him that began ages ago in the garden…He appears as the constant thread throughout human history and has also surrounded us with what He has made.

This blog is meant to be an exploration of that: A venture to start viewing the world differently.

Every tree, gust of wind, deep river, and animal call is beautiful in its own right, but it also speaks of a deeper, infinite world in Jesus Christ. It tells us of His character. It tells us how He relates. It tells us what His perfect love looks like. It even tells us who we are in Him.

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