His Desire Is For Me: Drawing Close to Christ

his desire book coverBob Emory’s book, His Desire Is For Me, tells the story of the greatest love song every written: The Song of Songs.  Emory tells the story in narrative form, weaving an intricate story of a monarch, King Solomon, and the maiden of his desire.  The book is also written in devotional form, with about five pages per day for thirty days.  At the end of each day’s narrative, there is a Points to Consider section and a Thoughts/Prayers section that relate the story to the Christian’s daily walk in Christ.  The author often portrays King Solomon as a shadow or picture of Christ.  The book is broken into three parts: Initial Love, Increasing Love, and Mature Love.

I really enjoyed going through the intimate Song of Songs daily and seeing Christ in new ways through the story and reflections.  Emory reveals the character of Jesus and the depth of His love for us – each one just as we are.

Here are some quotes from the book:

Finally, one day, simple but powerful words began to form within me. Like a flood, a prayer rose from somewhere deep in my being and poured out from my lips: “May he kiss me again and again with the kisses of his mouth!”

THOUGHTS/PRAYERS Precious Lord, I humbly acknowledge that you are robed in light and that you are holy and without peer. You are one of a kind: the best and beyond compare.

The temptation for the maiden was to try to make herself more beautiful for Solomon so that she would be acceptable to him, as we will subsequently see. But she was altogether beautiful to him just the way she was. His love would draw her and purify her, making her into what she could only hope, at this time, to be.

When God sees us, he sees us as having been washed by the blood of Christ, which has made us perfectly righteous and holy in his sight. He sees us “in Christ” (1 Corinthians 1:30). He looks at us and loves us in exactly the same way as he does his precious Son. We are part of the divine family.

The Lord is passionately in love with us just the way we are. He formed each one of us in our mother’s womb. We were fearfully and wonderfully made. We were endowed with unique personalities, gift, and talents, all designed to uniquely magnify him. In Psalm 3:3, the psalmist said, “You are my glory and the One who lifts my head!” The Lord Jesus does not want us wallowing in the dust, nor looking down in shame. He wants to put his finger under our chin, lift it up, and cause us to look into his face, where we will hear the words, “You are beautiful, my darling, and there is no blemish in you.”

You [Christ] are the one I feed upon. Refresh me. Wash the dirt that I have accumulated from walking through this world off my feet, and fill me. Thank you that, even in those times when I struggle to find you, I am still, and always, your beautiful one.

Service should come as a response to spending time with the Lord and then responding to what he is doing within you.

This is the third of Bob Emory’s books I’ve read.  His book, An Evening in Ephesus, has the Apostle John visiting the church in Ephesus and explaining the meaning of his letter, The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

I am currently reading The New Covenant, in which Paul and Titus visit Jerusalem and Titus spends the day with John, where they discuss the New Covenant in Christ, and many of the shadows and pictures of Christ seen in the city of Jerusalem and in Jewish culture.

All three of these books express and reveal Christ in a deep and profound way, using narrative to put the revelation in a format that is easy and enjoyable to read.

See the interview at the link below to hear the author share about a comment that changed his view of the Song of Songs.

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