Finding Yourself in Jesus… Not Religion

Finding yourself in Jesus… not religion.

finding yourself in jesus... not religion

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That’s the new tagline I’m using on the blog, and I thought I would give a little explanation.  (I’m still toying with it, so please feel free to offer suggestions in the comments.)

I felt that the previous tagline was more about my own journey, and I wanted something that would connect more with potential readers. In other words, I want the blog to be about helping others more than just journaling my own thoughts.

As I’ve done some reflecting on this, I really feel a burden for those who have left “church” (the typical American version, anyway), and/or want to follow Jesus in a deeper way. So those two topics will be my focus at this time.

I’ve also found, at least in my experience, that many people following Christ do not know who they are in Him. There is a spiritual identity crisis in the church today. So many people are trying discover who they are and what they are supposed to be doing with their life. And without the understanding that our true identity is in Christ, many people are left to struggle in their own power to try and answer these questions.

What I’ve experienced is that walking away from religion and pursuing Christ as All in All results in discovering who you really are. Not only that, I’ve found a new source from which I live my life.

WARNING: Learning to live by the life of Christ will be deadly to religion in your life. In fact, all things will begin to appear pale in comparison to Him.

I’m planning to write more about all of this here on the blog, and I hope you will find it helpful and join in to the conversation. Until then…

Follow the Life!


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3 thoughts on “Finding Yourself in Jesus… Not Religion

  1. I like it because that’s exactly how my life has gone..I got birthed into Gods life as a full blown heathen who never had religion and right away I got into religion then 26 years later The Lord pulled me out of religios now I’m walking in Gods spirit and the last thing I would want is to go back to religious churchianity so let’s walk on.

  2. So much in such a short post. Love it! I remember when I was somewhere in the in between places of the religious system and stepping out from it, but not really knowing what I was stepping into. I was fortunate to stumble onto a book by George Barna called “Revolution” with the sub-titles, “Worn-out on church?” and “Finding vibrant faith beyond the walls of the sanctuary.”

    It’s a short book, but very much worth the read. The Lord used it to give me the freedom to not feel like I was leaving Him, but instead to recognize that I was actually following His leading. I found a bit of language to help me communicate where I was at, what I was going through, and how I had no idea of what was on the horizon, but that I was confident the Lord was indeed leading me out of the religious system.

    Just thought I’d share from a small portion of my own experience.

    Love you brother! Glad to be sharing this journey with you.

  3. For those of us who have left the institutional church it is good to have a place where articles are written by like-minded people. The church talks about Christ in us but really does not emphasize the reality. We usually have the impression that God is up there somewhere looking down on us and someday we will be with him. The truth is we are with him now because we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more articles of encouragement for those of us outside the walls of religion.

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