Is There a Clergy-Laity Divide in the New Testament?

clergyIs There a Clergy-Laity Divide in the New Testament?

If you feel uneasy about the way that much of church today is conducted, you might benefit from listening to this video of Dr. Jon Zens as he discusses the “tip of the iceburg” of the clergy-laity distinction.

I’ve been part of group for the last five years that meets without this clergy-laity divide in place.  Each person is free to function and participate in church meetings, and each person is depended on in various ways as life is lived out together.

The result is an expression of Christ that functions as a close-knit family instead of an institution.

I think when the filter of the typical church experience in America is removed from our reading of the New Testament, a new vision begins to stand out that reveals the preisthood of all believers, where all have responsibilities within the body as the Spirit leads.

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