My Best Books List

I added a new page to blog that lists the best books I’ve read on certain topics. If you are in to organic church life or the deeper life in Christ then you may have read some of these titles as well.  Some may be new to you.

When I say these are my “best” books, I mean that these are books that left a lasting impression on me, changed me in some way, or completely wrecked how I viewed certain things in the past.  If we had a conversation about one of the topics below, these are the books I would recommend over and over.  So for me, these books are outstanding.

Regardless, there are few books here that you will find in mainstream Christianity, at least in the west.  Many of these are out of print and I have been blessed to find some copies in good condition for reasonable prices.

The topics included are:

  • Blogs and Websites (I know, they’re not books… but still good reading)
  • Knowing Jesus in a Deeper Way (Focused on who Jesus is)
  • Walking in Christ Daily (Focused on living by Christ’s life)
  • God’s Eternal Purpose
  • Body Life (The community life of the church)
  • Living Missionally
  • Marriage/Relationships
  • Church Practice
  • Understanding The Early Church
  • Devotional Books
  • Specialty Topics

I’ve reviewed or quoted from many of these books in articles here on the blog.  You can find those in the bar under the heading by clicking Reviews.

I’ve written more about the purpose and nature of the list on the page directly.

There is a link in the header section of the blog called My Best Books List. Or you can click here.

I’ll continue to add books and blogs to the list in the future.  I’m also planning to add my own synopsis or comment next to each book as I have time and link directly to any reviews I’ve written.

Given the topics above, what books am I missing?

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